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(aka me)

Unconventional to say the least

Floss, mop, change bedding, do a deep conditioning hair treatment, release a new song, release a new episode of my vlog, eat some chicken fingers.


My name is Megan Massey and that’s my weekly to-do list. 


By now you must be thinking “what a strange way for an artist to start a biography” and you are correct, but you’re also still reading so…. bear with me a little longer and I promise not to disappoint. Because you see, not too long ago I had an idea. 


A light went off inside my head, 

and to myself in bed I said, 

“what would happen, dare I say, 

if every single Saturday, 

I released a brand new song? 

I do not see what could go wrong! 

And what perhaps might come of this - 

if I document the whole process? 

We’ll write, record, and even more,

I’ll show my life, oh now I’m sure! 

The photoshoots, the cover art, 

how soon could I even start?”


Sorry, I think Dr. Seuss just took over my brain for a brief moment.  But you got the idea right? I’m releasing a new song every Saturday and, along with it, a vlog showing the whole creation process. 


So I quess the next question you may or may not be asking, that I’m going to answer anyway is, “how”? How can I write, record, and release a new song every single week as well a vlog, while also creating the cover art and social media content to support it?


Well to answer that question, let's take it back to the very beginning.

new doc 2020-08-28 13.30.27_1.jpg
Singing for my supper

Once upon a time, I was a tiny red headed two-year old with energy to spare. My parents (bless them) wanted to go out for dinner and couldn’t find anyone willing to babysit their precious, freckled dragon from hell. So,they did the unthinkable and took me to a restaurant.


Earlier that day I had been watching my favourite musical, “Annie.”  

I can’t be sure what came over me, but I can only assume that I had a song in my heart, and I needed to get it out. So, without warning I climbed onto the dinner table and belted out the tune:



A taste of the spotlight

After my breakout performance on top of the dinner table, I threw myself into every kind of performing art I could think of. I took up dance, film and television acting, modeling (I was a cute kid), theatre and musical theatre, and of course singing and songwriting.

I remember the moment I knew I was meant to be a performer – I was nine years old at one of my dance recitals. I heard my musical cue, my tap shoes hit the stage, the lights hit my face, and a huge grin formed from ear to ear. My crooked, snaggletoothed chicklets were shining bright for the world to see and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was hooked.

Some people prefer to dance like nobody’s watching. I prefer to dance like all eyes are on me.

My Grandfather
is kind of a big deal.

I have some pretty amazing musical genes

My dad is a drummer, (in fact, you'll find his percussion skills featured on my funk inspired "Go Somewhere") my mom is a singer and dancer, and my grandfather, Ron Harrison, is a Grammy Nominated composer.


I guess you could say that music & performing are in my blood. Literally.

My ultimate goal, of course, is to follow in his footsteps and make it to the awards stage. But when I do get there, it won’t exactly be my first taste of the Grammy world. My initial introduction actually happened when I released my first EP. 


The album I titled “Soundtrack of My Life” was pretty good, despite the terrible name, and even landed me on the official Grammy Awards Ballot (aka “pre-nomination) in seven categories.

And the categories were:


  • Best Album

  • Best New Artist

  • Best Record

  • Best Song

  • Best Female Pop Artist

  • Best Pop Song

  • Best Dance Song

Island Life

After releasing my first album I began doing some soul searching.

I was happy to find that even though I have red hair, I do indeed have a soul. So HA! I also found a love for house music that I never knew existed and I decided to try my hand at being a DJ. 


It was this decision that brought me to the Caribbean to live, work and well, mostly play.


I spent my days on a beach trying desperately to catch a tan, and my nights in my makeshift home studio trying to write a hit song.  While I was completely unsuccessful with the former, I did manage to write a song that got a ton of radio play on my tiny island.  


The song, “So Much It Hurts” can still be heard in the seashells on the shore of Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. 

Aaaaand we're back

Since my return to the Great White North, I’ve been nurturing my love of photography and video production while developing as an artist by experimenting with different genres, writing styles, and vocal tones.

This “Every Single Saturday” project is my way of putting all of my acquired skills to the test. I am determined to find answers to one question in particular -


Are there any limits to what we can accomplish

when we give it everything we’ve got?



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